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Re: [IPp] Re: Celiac Disease

> Thanks Jana, for the great article.
> Claire was tested (the blood test) for celiac in November 2000.  In your
> opinion, should this test be run every so often on DM kids?  Or only if
> had symptoms?
> Claire had had tummy pains for a long, long while.  Test for celiac was
> negative, and once she started pumping and bg control improved, tummy
> ceased, along with most of the headaches, too.
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 8


A few years after my son (3 at the time, now 14) was dx with Celiac we had
the whole family blood tested.  Our Gastroenterologist recomended it.  At
that time my daughter (10 at the time, now 17) was dx with it.  She had no
symptoms.  Even though she was symptom-free she still needs to be on the
gluten-free diet to avoid problems later.

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