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[IPp] Re: Backlights

     When we received our free Xtra meter (the company had written us asking 
if we wanted one!!) it came with two sample boxes of strips and no ketone 
strips.  This was exactly one year ago.  I tried out one strip and found the 
same as you--it took a lot of blood and was difficult to use.  Later on I 
realized that the second box of strips was different, but we never got around 
to trying them out.  We like the One Touch Ultra too much!  Also, have the 
Glucometer Elite as back-up, which runs a very close second.  Takes just as 
tiny a drop but is slower and larger.  

Does anyone else have trouble using the ketone strips?  We get a huge (it 
seems) drop of blood, but the meter still won't always start a count down.  
Eventually we get it, but it takes a while.  Is there any trick?  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> I didn't know that the Precision Xtra had different kinds of strips for 
> measuring BGs (just tried out the ones that came free with the meter when 
> we 
> got it for checking blood ketones).  Do the True Measure strips cost the 
> same?  And does the Xtra still take 30 seconds for BG results???
> Lyndy
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