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[IPp] bent cannula

Ok I was going to change Jacob's sight last night but he was having great 
numbers all day and I didn't want to mess anything up.  So we changed it this 
morning.  When I pulled the needle out it looked a little bent to me.  I gave 
Jacob his morning bolus and then rececked him about 45 minutes later.  He was 
very high.  So, I gave another bolus and rechecked 10 minutes later.  The 
second number was even higher.  So, we desided that the sight didn't work and 
put another one it.  It turns out that the first one didn't even go in the 
slightest bit.  I really hope that this sight works.  The needle looked 
straight when I took it out but the other one was just barely bent, I almost 
didn't notice that it was bent.  I did everything the same as I always do so 
I don't know how in the world it happened.  

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