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Factors affecting BS - WasRe: [IPp] Re: Teen troubles

Can someone give me a link listing factors that affect blood sugars.  I know everything does, but I'd like something in print.  Thanks, Tammy

In a message dated Sun, 22 Sep 2002 7:43:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, PumpMama writes:

> As I like to remind myself (especially at times when I feel like pulling my 
> hair out over trying to make sense of some completely imcomprehensible BGs) 
> -- As they told us when Katie was diagnosed:  there are over 100 known 
> factors which affect blood glucose levels.  We have some control over only 
> three:  insulin, diet, and exercise.  Sometimes, you just have to accept that 
> not every BG check is part of a meaningful trend and the best you can do is 
> "fix it" (just treat the low or bolus for the high) and move on (instead of 
> obssessing over the reason which you may never, ever really 
> figure out) . . .
> Lyndy
> Pumpmama to Katie 

Tammy, mom to Joely, dx'd 1970; g-ma to Emma, dx'd 2001; both pumping 7-18-02
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