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[IPp] Re: D-tron replacement

> Because this is our 4th replacement he is sending us 2 DTrons. TWO! A Backup
> DTRON!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that is why I purchased an H-tron for Claire--so we would have two 
pumps.  I worried about that friday or weekend pump failure and it taking 
until Tuesday to get a replacement.  Its different if you live in a very 
major centre with a rep just across town.  

>  Tarek ended up in DKA and in the ER. Our insurance
> company wouldn't cover the ER because 1) It was Out of Network and 2) It 
> was
> not pre-approved by our PCP.

Can you explain this to me?  I'm Canadian, so unfamiliar which just how 
exactly things work in the USA, but how can you be pre-approved for an 
emergency room visit???  Are ER visits supposed to be scheduled in their 

Anyhow, it was great that Disetronic covered those costs.  They could have 
forced you to sue for the costs, which is no fun at all.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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