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Re: [IPp] re:teen troubles

Cindy wrote:
"Good luck with your appointment.  Make sure you let them know how she has
been.  They may decide to take her off of the pump for a little while to
remind her how lucky she has it with the pump, and to make her appreciate
her responsibilities a little more. "

And, they may very well not do this. One thing I was always grateful for was
that our endo has Type I and usees a pump herself, and she is very
appreciative of all it takes to just get by day to day with diabetes. Never,
even at his most trying times, did she threaten my son with taking the pump

Instead, she would ask him what HE thought he needed to do to make somse
progress. They would pick one thing, and he would work on that.

I would really like to remind everyone that many many times kids (and
adults) just FORGET to test, bolus, count the carbs, etc. It is true, they
need to learn to forget less and remember more. But believe me, they do not
need reminding about teh seriousness of the disease. Unless your child is on
the slow side, or mentally disabled, they know perfectly well that they have
a possibly deadly disease. It is the day-to-day coping with this knowledge
that can get tough.

I also would like to suggest that anyone who is really having trouble
getting a teen to comply (that hated word) with proper management, think
about finding a therapist who specializes in helping kids with diabetes and
their families come to terms with the problem. This is something we finally
did, that I wish we had done sooner. You may have to look around for a
while. But there are quite a few who specialize in chronic conditions in
childhood and young adulthood.

One thing the man we saw recommended was using "carrots" as a reward for
good  behaviors, rather than "sticks" to punish lack of good behaviors.

The second important this is always to remember your child is a person
first, and a person with diabetes second. NOT a "diabetic"... but a PERSON.

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