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[IPp] Disetronic - Replacing DTron Again - Still happy with customer service!

Disetronic was still not answering their phones when I called, but I left a
message on their voice mail and had a return call within 10 minutes.

The guy was real nice. He is sending us a new DTron, it won't be here until
Tuesday because of UPS/FedEx not working on Sundays.

Because this is our 4th replacement he is sending us 2 DTrons. TWO! A Backup
DTRON!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked him about the new DTron Plus. Right now he has no idea how an
upgrade or replacement would work since the pumps haven't even been approved
by the FDA yet. After going through the lengthy process upgrading from the
HTron to the DTron, I am sure that even if they get approved tomorrow, it
could be another year before customers start actually using them.

Oh, and they now have a rep for the Denver Metro area, he didn't have a
direct number for her, but he did give me her Disetronic voice mail number.
I will be calling her and seeing about a loaner.

Oh, and by the way, I don't think I ever told any of you what Disetronic did
for us when Tarek had his 3rd pump failure this summer. If you remember we
went to Lake Powell. The DTron is supposed to be water resistant for 30
minutes in 8 feet of water. Tarek had just gotten into the lake and the pump
failed in less than 1 minute in waist deep water (pump was in his swim suit
pocket). We were in the middle of nowhere, literally, and although we had
taken Ultralente with us, Tarek ended up in DKA and in the ER. Our insurance
company wouldn't cover the ER because 1) It was Out of Network and 2) It was
not pre-approved by our PCP. So anyway, I had sent the bills to Disetronic
asked them to cover them because the ER visit was essentially their fault.
They reimbursed for the ER and the ambulance!!!

We may be about to get our 4th replacement since starting pumping less than
2 years ago, but overall I still love the DTron and am very happy with
Disetronic's customer service and support.

Mom to Tarek, age 10, IDDM, dx 11-16-1998
Pumping DTron since 1-12-2001
Novolog since 5-24-02
Using FreeStyle meter
Denver, Colorado
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