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Re: [IPp] Teen Troubles...

As far as punishing the teens for not being responsible in their diabetes 
care....my motto is this...(and some of you may not agree)...
I have one child who has diabetes and one who does not...it is the same rules 
for both. Diabetes is in our lives, but diabetes is NOT our life!  Yes, we do 
things around diabetes to ensure the safety of my son and to maintain good 
health for him. But I have always treated my kids the same, punished the 
same, rewarded the same.  I am teaching my son that yes you Diabetes, yes it 
stinks, yes I am so so sorry you have it, but you DO have it and nothing will 
change that unless a cure is found. So if you want to live a happy life you 
MUST take care of yourself properly and that goes for my non-d daughter...you 
MUST take care of yourself to give yourself a long and healthy life.  I have 
cried for my son, I HATE this disease, but I refuse to let it be our WHOLE 
life.  My goal is to have happy, healthy children, who grow to respect 
themselves and others, regardless of having a disease.  Any healthy person 
out there should take the best possible care of their bodies.  I do not favor 
my diabetic son, and I do not pity him. I love him, and I teach him to hold 
your head up high and I am so proud of him for all that he does to keep 
himself safe and healthy, as well as praising my daughter for doing the same. 
 No matter what our problems are, there is someone out there with an even 
bigger problem.  Yes, you have diabetes, BUT if you take care of yourself you 
will live a long and healthy life....there are children out there with 
diseases that no  matter what they do to try and stay healthy, they will not 
beat their disease.

Sarah  :)  Mom to Matthew (6) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 and 
Victoria (7) Non-D...Love My kids!
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