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Re: [IPp] re: Headaches in 140's

> I'd be willing
> >to bet there are several other children in the same situation as
> >Jessy after recess. The PE teacher ought to be taking a hard look at
> >those kids and making sure they are properly hydrated. That's part of
> >his/her job.
> Dear Michael,
> I will certainly mention this to the nurse.  She would be the one to
> say something to the PE teachers, they are great people, they would
> listen to her.  Thanks for the advice.......are you a doctor????? 
> You just know so much.  :-)

no, I'm doing graduate work at the school of hard knocks. I have 5 
kids, they are all older than yours so I've been around the block on 
most of this stuff a few times already  sigh......  I did grow up in 
a desert community where this was something we were taught as kids to 
be careful about because if you weren't, you got zapped.  
I've seen many kids keel right over including one on an 
opposing soccer team last year. Fortunatly, my kids have never had 
heat stroke, but I try to make them drink and increase their sodium 
intake in the hot weather like I was taught as a child. I've 
particularly tried to drum it into Lily because of the extra fluid 
loss do to the occasional unavoidable highs.

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