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Re: [IPp] re:teen troubles

>Well... Eve's up to it again.
Dear Deborah,

I am so sorry for you.  It is frustrating to watch your child be this
negligent with her health.  When Jessy gets the "I don't care" attitude,
I sic my husband on her (he has a nice chat with her and explains things
the same way I do, they just mean more coming from him.)  Do you have
someone in your family who she looks up to and respect ALOT who would
talk to her?  

"It's not the site, mom".

Do you have any idea how many times I have heard that?  And we've only
been pumping since June AND I use emla cream to numb the area!

>We had an appointment with her endo on Oct. 11, but they called and her

>Endo, for some reason, isn't going to be there that day. So we have to

>reschedule for Oct. 31 which is the first opening. I'm not sure i can

>that long to bring her in.

Good luck with your appointment.  Make sure you let them know how she has
been.  They may decide to take her off of the pump for a little while to
remind her how lucky she has it with the pump, and to make her appreciate
her responsibilities a little more.  God I dread the teenage years!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
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> She had a soccer game yesterday, this was an >away game, and got in the
van after an hour long bus ride from the game and >said "I don't feel
good." It's a five minute ride home, checks her bg's at >home and she is
HI. > >What is she thinking??? She had one of her many meters WITH her in
her >SOCCER BAG. She could have checked herself ON the BUS right after
the game. > >Who knows how long before 7pm she was HI, but at 9:45pm she
was still HI on >her meter, By 11pm she was 518. She gave at least 25
units for corrections. >Did she bolus back the insulin she missed after
she took her pump off for >the game?? NO. (sigh) At least she didn't have
ketones. > >I suggested after the second HI that she should change her
site, because >that might be the problem. But she knows better.  > >All
this after the other day when, before gym, she was 250, didn't bolus
>down for her high, took her pump off for an hour for gym (they had
>swimming)and at lunch wondered why she was 432!!! > > >Thank you for
letting me vent here. > >Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe >Dxed
5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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