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Re: [IPp] re: Headaches in 140's

> >But, headache & flushed cheeks - right after physical activity - sounds
> like
> >she's getting dehydrated? Could she try drinking some extra water
> >before/during recess?
> Dear Shelly,
> It may just have been that.  On Friday we gave her extra water with
> her snack and again before recess, and no headache!  Yeah!!!  It is
> amazing all the extra things you have to think about with diabetes. 

dehydration is not a diabetes issue per se, only if bg's are out of 
whack does it become more important for a diabetic -- I'd be willing 
to bet there are several other children in the same situation as 
Jessy after recess. The PE teacher ought to be taking a hard look at 
those kids and making sure they are properly hydrated. That's part of 
his/her job.

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