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[IPp] Re: [Iceliac with diabetes

Celiac disease can be deadly if not treated and staying without gluten. It
alot of times is a silent disease until the damage is so bad. It can cause
so many serious problems from poor growth, brittle bones, and far more
serious other diseases.
My oldest daughter wrote an article on celiac disease when she was at
teacher's college. I could email you it off the list if you want. or could
send to all if the list does not mind. Celiac disease is sadly very common
with diabetes and also so is thyroid troubles. We have to always be learning
and aware because alot of the time, our kids are sick and we don't know why.

With celiac disease, you must have nothing with gluten so no wheat, rye,
bran, breaded foods, etc etc etc The list is so shocking what all has gluten
in it that you cook, make most of their food to be safe.

Just let me know if you would like the article my daughter did on it.

And here is a web site that tells about it as well.


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