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Re: [IPp] Re: Teen troubles

Hi Cindy

We already do the high before starting her cycle to lowering insulin levels
once she starts as we see that pattern all the time.

She reacts fast to a bad site and runs high for several hours then drops
fast to near prefect. We have worked hard to find what works for her but
even now , some days just don't work the same. She also has celiac disease
and that affects her still. We try hard to stay Gluten free and even when we
maintain it, she still has alot of pains. Her damage was bad when celiac was
found. She also hurts major bad with all dairy so do little of that as well.
Thankfully she is a wonderful eater and refuses very little we ever make or

She just checked her blood sugars to see how it is going. In CANADA we
measure by a different system than the USA. She is 8.9 and that is
considered almost prefect by her specialists.

So looks like a new day and our effort paid off.

Thanks for the information

Jana Mom to Patricia age 12 DX age 2
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