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[IPp] Re: Teen troubles

       I do hope that things improve for Patricia.  Please watch her 
carefully.  Claire went into DKA last month so very, very quickly.  Was 
playing happily (with extremely high bgs) and 90 minutes later was very sick. 
 I was relying on the bolus to bring her down, as the previous week she came 
back to 5.2 from 25 in just 90 minutes.  Do you check blood ketones with the 
Precision Xtra meter?  Its great for moments like this, though we find that 
it requires a really large drop of blood to work.  

Claire is also so erratic with bgs.  She has two days where the morning bg is 
almost the same, she then eats the exact same thing at school and one day the 
bgs are lowish to great and the next day they are very high.  

Hope Patricia is better in the morning.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8      

> Patricia 12 already in puberty, always was brittle. Pumping has helped alot
> but still we fight for good control. Tonight she went to Youth Group and 
> her
> site went bad. She is so high it is not saying so know it is really bad. I
> suggested she change her set and site and also the tubing and still nothing
> coming down. She ha no keytomes thankfully so guess this site really went
> bad. That happens alot with her.
> She is feeling plain yucky, headaches and belly aches and extreme over
> tired.
> Mom 
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