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[IPp] Teen Troubles...

.  If they are not testing, no friends over, no sports, 
weekends in the house doing chores....
no t.v...and for the girls NO PHONE....

My kids hated to be treated like " little kids", so I use that when they 
cannot seem to remember to do what is expected of them.  I nag them and keep 
track of them as if they were starting kindergarten, and make notes and label 
things.  They hate it, and for them, it works and they snap out of it and 
start taking responsibility.  I don't mind reminding now and then, helping 
out now and then, or sharing some of the duties, but this is my son's 
disease, and he will have to take complete control eventually, and it is my 
job as MOM to guide him into a safe adult life.  So if I must take his hand 
(physically) and embarrass him to make him quit daydreaming and wake up and 
join the world, I do!

Judy, mom to Jake, 14, pumping since 8/01
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