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Re: [IPp] headaches

> When my daughter's play soccer on hot days, I send they
> >along with a diluted bottle of lemonade with a quarter teaspon of
> >salt added per half gallon -- it's not much, but it does make them
> >drink more.
> Dear Michael,
> You are just fabulous!  How does the lemonade taste with the salt in
> it?
I use it myself. Unless you inadvertently put in too much, it is 
very refreshing, not quite as 'tart'. If you over do it, it's pretty 
yucky. The other kids like it too, frequently drinking all of my 
daughter's. Since kids with diabetes are a little more susceptible to 
the effects of dehydration, I always tried to watch closely when 
temperatures went up. This was mainly at soccer tournaments, etc... 
the other trick for those days was to bring an ice chest full of a 
mix of ice and water -- also full of hand towels. The kids can 
quickly cool down by putting the towels on around their necks and on 
their arms or legs  -- faces and head are not good, it cools the 
brain too quickly and can cause a headache. This helps keep their 
core temperature down, another problem when they start to get 
dehydrated. The combination of fluids and keeping them cooled off 
really helps prevent heat stroke.

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