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Re: [IPp] headaches

>  If you put a snack in her lunch that is salty --
> >like fritos, that will cause her to drink more and improve her
> >hydration.
> Dear Michael,
> How good are you?  My endo thinks it's dehydration to.....I put
> Doritos in her snack today, something she will definetly need water
> for.....lol. Thank you so much for your advice......oh yeah, her
> pediatrician (who has a diabetic son) wants me to give her aleeve,
> and not on the weekends, just on school days, and see if there is a
> pattern....lol.

I've seen a couple of kids collapse from heat stroke playing soccer. 
The "flush" is a pretty classic symptom if they are not otherwise 
compromised by fever or some ailment. For an adult (or child) one of 
the easy signs is a quick chill feeling when you are already hot and 
exercising. A sure sign that you are dehydrated. This is pretty 
common for people that normally live in cool climates and are not 
used to super-hydrating themselves for hot days + exercise. I grew up 
in the desert where 100+ days were always common. As a kid I took 
salt tablets. When my daughter's play soccer on hot days, I send they 
along with a diluted bottle of lemonade with a quarter teaspon of 
salt added per half gallon -- it's not much, but it does make them 
drink more. I have no clue what it does for their electrolyte 
balance, but it worked when I was a kid and seems to work for them.

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