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[IPp] reading issues

Dear All,

I have a non-diabetic issue (that is actually for a friend of mine but
may also benifit Jessy), and I am asking you because some of you have
children with learning imparements, and some of you are teachers.

My daughter's best friend, who is brilliant, has trouble reading.  Her
problem is that she just cannot sound out words to save her life.  Her
mother has gone to the child study team, and they tested her for
everything EXCEPT for her actual problem.  The little girl is a
perfectionist, and will memorize her spelling words for her spelling
tests, however if you aske her to spell them a week from the test, she
cannot.  No one is listening to the mother at the school, in fact they
have told her to let her fail, if something is too hard, don't make her
do it.  The mother would love to get her tested independently, however,
it is just too costly at this time (she called around to places such as
the Sylvan Learning Center)........her teacher, last year, saw that there
was a problem, thus the child study team, but they were of absolutely no
help.  It seems that in our school, if the child is doing well in all
other areas, they ignore everything else.!   She would have to get d's
and f's before someone were to actually step in and help her.  Any ideas
or words of wisdom?  Let me know, I appreciate all of your help.  (By the
way, Jessy can sound out words, but has a hard time speliing them
right....for instance....presription is on her spelling test today, and
she keeps spelling it prescripsion, with the s instead of the t.) 

Thank you!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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