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[IPp] Cindy's 504 Meeting

Cindy........think positive.  I will be thinking of you.  Let us know how
it goes!  Your battle has taken a lot more time than mine but your
efforts will most likely pay off in the end!  I still like the advice I
got...."Glucagon won't hurt, not giving glucagon will."  Same with the
504, not having our chilren protected with the 504 will hurt them.  You
go, girl!


Dear Cheri,

YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Another small step toward the giant leap of never
having any parent go through this again!  I'm proud of you.  As for the
smaller needle, I would ask your endo, and if they agree, have them put
it in writing and shove it under the nurses nose.......HAH!

My stomach is cramping up again, just thinking of the meeting I am going
to on the 26th to "finalize" things.  I would feel better if my lawyer
was going with me, but she is just a phone call away, and I will not
hesitate to call her at any given moment!

I am so happy for you Cheri!



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