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[IPp] Teen Troubles

Carol, Debroah, and all Parents of Teens!I am so dreading Amelia's
teenage years because I am currently dealing with her 15 year old,
non-diabetic, hormone flaring, mood-swinging, complaining, you are not
doing anything right sister!  Adding diabetes to this mix  scares me to
death.  When Amelia was diagnosed and we learned how to care for her, her
doctor gave us some advice that I think of everytime we have rough
"Diabetes" days.  He said there was going to be alot of days of necessary
"tough-love".  Boy, was he right.  If Amelia runs high due to not
following the rules, she stays home with out the luxury of friends. 
Maybe she forgot to bolus or test, or knew she most likely needed a site
change because she was high but bolused to bring herself down without
telling me. Yes, diabetes puts alot of responsibility on these kids, but
until there is a cure there is no escape from it.  I think we all need to
practice tough love with all of our children, di! abetic or not.  I keep
telling myself that once they get through these tough teenage years, they
will thank us and love us once again!  And when they have teenage
children of their own, we will just remind them of the tough love we gave
them and wish them the best! I also think that the coach could reach your
daughter.  We all know that they listen to teachers, friends mom's, etc.
better than they will listen to us.  I don't know about you but sometimes
I just cry to relieve stress! I also visited with a doc at family
diabetes camp 3 years ago and asked him if alot of diabetics develop
complications during the teenage years.  He told me that it takes years
and years of neglect on the body before damage usually occurs.  I hope he
was right. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Cheri  


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