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[IPp] re:teen troubles

I don't have a teen, but for the last three years, we've gone to a parent 
support group at Joslin Center for Diabetes, and our daughter went to the 
school age support group where they do arts and crafts.  At first, she didn't 
want to.  Now, she asks to schedule her appointments for the special school 
age program day, so that she can go to her group. The children are not always 
the same, but it is important to her.  We also go to a family support group 
run by a CDE with two children who have type 1.  The kids play while we talk. 
 Sarah also looks forward to this group, and to seeing some of her special 
friends.  It took her a while to feel comfortable in each setting, but, she 
has told me that she values having associations with kids with diabetes, 
sometimes they talk about it, sometimes they just play. (she is now eleven).  

Most importantly, she has gone for two summers to an excellent camp for girls 
with diabetes - the Clara Barton Camp, - when asked by her CDE/nurse what she 
liked the most about camp she replied - rest time.  Well, we could arrange 
that a bit more inexpensively.  But, no, it wasn't resting that she liked 
best.  It was the talk - about their experiences.  Many people report that 
going to diabetes camp saved their lives, including the p.r. director of that 
camp.  I interviewed some of the CIT's, about fifteen years old, for a 
documentary I'm doing about children going to school with diabetes.  They 
LOVED talking about it to me, and said they talked about it all the time to 
each other.  They are getting a lot of support and education - they probably 
had a lot of education before going - but, it's worked into the program in a 
fun and creative way, and they do projects - 
They run a teen support group at Joslin.  There is a discussion board for 
parents of kids with diabetes moderated by the social worker who runs the 
teen group.  She could tell you, if you wrote in, what has worked best in 
terms of helping adolescents be compliant. Here is the address: 
There are teen boards, and parents boards. 
There is a wealth of information at this site as well, if you haven't 
discovered it already.
Just one more resource - I have benefitted from all.
Take care,
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