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Re: [IPp] Teen troubles

At this point I don't know what will work with her. She

>just doesn't get it. This make me want to cry.

Dear Deborah,

Not to sound like a cry baby (I usually can keep it together), but I have
broken down and cried when Jessy has been uncooperative.  She then has
felt extremely guilty about making Mom cry, and improved her attitude
(for at least a week).  Maybe if Eve saw you crying about it, and you
explained to her how important this is and how you can't stand to watch
her do this to herself, she may begin to realize the impact this has on
her AND you.  Sometimes kids just don't want to listen until they are
forced to.  I can't believe after the 6 day hospital stay, she would
attempt that again.  I think Michael is right when he suggests taking
things away from them, tell her if she can't be responsible enough to
take care of herself while playing soccer, then she just can't do it!


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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