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Re: [IPp] Teen troubles

In a message dated 9/19/02 12:03:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My CDE suggested calling Animas and requesting a pump pal around Devin's age
> who is being responsible and in good control.  Has anyone tried this?

     All I can tell you is Melissa and her CDE started a Teen group a few 
years ago - 22 kids showed up the first night & I thought we'd reinvented the 
wheel - yeah right! NOT....seems most of them had been dragged there on a 
"just go once" threat...so not surprisingly, the attendance quickly dwindled &
 the group fell apart...what was interesting is that one mom said her then 13 
yr old said " if I'm doing great, why would I want to sit & listen to kids 
complain about how awful this is; if I'm doing awful, the last thing I want 
to do is listen to some "goody 2 shoes" and lastly, why do I even have to be 
in the same room with these kids whom I'd never speak to otherwise, just 
because we happen to have diabetes in common????...Hard to argue with 
adolescent logic!!!
     Although I've all but LIVED in cyberspace/ diabetes support land for 
years now, Melissa has NEVER availed herself of the opportunities to connect 
with others, but hopefully she "absorbs" the "gems" I pass on to her from 
     One of the worst facets of diabetes I've found is that it completely 
skews the normal developmental adolescent stage of pulling away from 
parents...instead our kids constantly have us IN THEIR FACES, asking "and 
what was your blood sugar today at lunch?".........sigh
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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