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[IPp] Freestyle meter

I am looking for any input on using this meter for middle of the night bg 
checks only.  

Claire is a light sleeper and it is next to impossible to perform a bg check 
on her without her waking up.  As soon as the lancet hits her finger, she 
pulls her hands away and puts them under her pillow.  Then I have to wake her 
completely and let her do her test herself (at her insistence).  Often she 
falls back asleep holding the lancing device....and I wait and wait....  I 
absolutely hate waking a sleeping child at night.  Some nights she is 
cooperative once I have woken her, other nights not.

So I am wondering if you guys think that doing a bg check on the arm using 
the Freestyle meter might allow it to done without waking her up.  It has 
only recently come on the market in Canada.  Claire is absolutely against the 
idea of testing on arms, so I won't be able to practice with her awake. 

Thanks for your thoughts on this.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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