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Re: [IPp] Teen troubles

> I normally don't copy all the emails on this subject, but in this case I
> This sounds like Eve for the past 2 years. Michael suggests some things to
> try, but they have never worked with Eve. Today at soccer practice she was
> 450, did she stop and think "I should not exercise", no she when out and
> still practiced. When she came home she was HI on her meter. Did the 6 day
> hospital stay make a difference, NO. Do any other symptoms of high blood
> sugar make a difference , No. Pointing out to Eve how she feels when she
> high, makes no difference it just makes her angry at me. As you can tell I
> have no answers. At this point I don't know what will work with her. She
> just doesn't get it. This make me want to cry.
> Sorry about the venting.
> Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe
> Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99


I hear you!  It's hard to make a teenager understand the consequences.
Complications seem too far off for them to grasp.
Devin checks when he's low, but won't when he's high because he doesn't
"feel it".

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