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Re: [IPp] carbs at school

I got a copy of the recipe book from our school kitchen and it  has the 
break down of each item and carb count. So I got the monthly menu and went 
through the book and wrote the carb count by each item and sent it to the 
school nurse (who is totally wonderful). Then she just goes to the cafeteria 
when my son is done with lunch to see what he picked and how much he ate and 
counts up his carbs. Ask your kithcen supervisor for the menu book. She 
should not have a problem giving it to you, I made copies of each page, so I 
have them at home now. You really have to watch because some of the stuff 
has fillers in it that adds carbs.  Not like we do at home, so some things 
are higher than homemade. Good luck.
    Shari, mom to Jayson, age 5, dx'd 6/00, pumping since 8/02

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