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[IPp] re: Switch to Novolog

Angela wrote:
<<We are currently pumping and just made the switch from humalog to novolog.
We carry Josh's insulin in his case with us where ever we go.  My question
is this.  Can the novolog be used in syringe in case we need to do an
emergency shot, or should I carry the humalog with us as well.  I guess I
want to know is the novolog to be used just for the pump? >>>>

Angela, when we switched to Novolog in the pump, we switched to Novolog outside
of the pump as well for emergency shots.  We use the same correction factor
that we use in the pump (as close as you can in a syringe).  It works the same
either way for us.  Humalog has a different absorption profile in Luke, and it
would be too confusing for us to use one insulin in the pump & another in
emergencies.  Our endo does recommend having Regular on hand at home for longer
emergencies in case we needed a pump replacement but other than that 1 bottle
of Reg. we're down to 1 kind of insulin:  Novolog.

Hope that helps!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, Novolog 10/01

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