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[IPp] carbs at school

Lauren is in first grade this year, so this is our first experience with
buying the hot lunch.  It's really important to her now, so we are doing
it, but I think it's more trouble than it's worth.  I got carb info for
each meal on the menu from the district.  However, there are
substitutions and so far I don't have a breakdown of the carbs in each
item offered.  Today's lunch is pancakes, strawberry yogurt and peaches. 
Well balanced, isn't it?  Add to that syrup and chocolate
milk....yumm...carb heaven....  The lunches are usually better balanced
than that.

Anyway, I think someone mentioned in a recent post about scales, that
their son or daughter takes a scale to school.  Do lots of kids do this? 
I need to figure out how we can be more accurate with the carbs in school
lunches.  We weigh most things at home, but for school I don't see how
that would work for us.  Does the caferteria staff weigh the food?

Does anyone have any suggestions for better estimates for school lunches?
 I'm trying to keep good records and find patterns with certain lunches,
but we're not making much progress yet.

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