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[IPp] Re: Scales

I have to say that I just LOVE our scale.  It is the greatest thing for 
pumpers!!  I also use it with the carb factors from the  Pumping Insulin 

I made up a little sheet of the carb factors using gel pens on black paper 
(Claire liked that) of all the foods that she actually eats and put it on the 
fridge.  I did have to do a bit more research on the carb factors using the 
Canadian Diabetes Association book, which is quite detailed with weights, 
carbs etc.  (For example, I never knew if the carb factor for a peach 
included weighing the pit or not, or if you were supposed to weigh an orange 
peeled or unpeeled).  Having a scale makes it so easy to just pour out a bowl 
of potato chips, or cereal or grapes etc.  Also, you know how little ones 
love to pick out candies and put their selection in little paper bags--well 
all you have to do is weigh them after purchase and you know the carbs.  I'm 
so happy that Claire can now do these little things and feel like a contented 

I also work out the carb factors for home baking.  Add up the recipe, weigh 
the entire batch after baking, divide the total weigh and carbs  and write it 
down for the next time!!  Don't forget that part. 

Susan, I also had a hard time finding a scale.  You might try phoning a 
restaurant supply store in Winnipeg.  This was suggested to me,  and our town 
had one supply store, which stocked one scale. 

 But the dietician also gave me the name of  a mail order place.  I ordered 
our scale from Nasco Canada. Their phone number is (519) 662-2540, they are 
in Ontario. I think they have a 800 number, but it isn't printed on my 
receipt and I have thrown away their catalogue.   If you phone them you can 
ask to have the catalogue sent to you. I think it was called Nutrition 
Aids--just say you want the one with the gram scales in it. They sell all 
sorts of things for dieticians--plastic food etc!!
   They have several scales to choose from, but not all weigh to one gram 
units. I picked the Multipurpose Digital Scale, for $90.85. With shipping and 
tax  it came to $109.91. They are much cheaper in the US online, but with the 
exchange rate and everything added on they add up to about the same price I 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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