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[IPp] infected site?

This may sound stupid, but I was wondering what exactly an infected site
looked like?  My daughter has had three sites now that when the old site is
removed, without sounding too gross, lets just say there is leakage that
comes out that is not clear.  Ive noticed that she was having trouble with
highs for at least a day before the site is changed.  The highs would come
down with a correction bolus, but it would creep up again in about 2 or 4
hours after coming down.  I was thinking maybe this was because the site may
actually be infected.  I would clean it with alcohol prep pad and spread
Neosporin on the old site, and it healed over by the next day.  However, the
old site was more red and visible than her other normal old sites.  Does
this sound like infected sites?  Or is it something else, like an allergic
reaction to something we are using?  I should mention we always use alcohol
prep wipe before inserting a new site.

We use Novolog and change sites every 3 days.  Since the qs sets were
leaving slight red circles where it pressed against her skin, Ive been
using either the sandwich method of IV3000 tape, or using skin bond, to
create a layer between set and skin.  Weve tried the sils before, they left
even worse marks on her.  Weve also been on humolog before, and although it
worked ok, her numbers would always be creeping upward by the third day.


Angela, mom to Ashley, 5 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 22 mo.
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