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[IPp] Jon's syringe experience

Jon is doing not to bad on syringes now.  He likes it better.  I forgot one day
that he was off the pump and that he *had* to have morning snack.  By the time I
remembered, 11:00 am, he was 1.9 (34).  He's been holding on to that NPH so much
that he neither needs insulin at supper or bedtime.  I'll have to play with the
numbers so we're not always chasing lows.

I inquired about Lantus.  It isn't available in Canada but I may pop over to
Grand Forks, ND and pick some up.  Apparently it's being done.  I'm wondering
how temporary this will be. (him being off the pump).

I know what some of you mean when you say that numbers that used to be
considered ok are now high once you're used to the pump.  I've been told to
"relax" about a reading of 17 (306) which to me is waaay high, but nothing we'd
even correct with a syringe.  Weird.  I'd be correcting it with the pump for
sure.  I hope that we can resolve his allergy issues.

Take care and thanks for the support.

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