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Re: [IPp] Re: Maybe a solution soon


Wow!  Good luck to you!  Try to keep your chin up, I will say a prayer
for you.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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don't think it would matter if it did hit a vein just work faster is all,
>it isn't like a pain shot or long acting insulin or for that matter fast
>acting insulin (when you don't want it to work that fast with that much)
>hitting a vein. >all the glucagon is going to do is dump the glucose out
of the liver, >possibly make them vomit and in my daughters case she
always gets a very >severe headache which i think might be related to
being so low for a period >of time. >even though she has had three
witnessed seizures, she didn't get glucagon for >those she has gotten
glucagon for being unconscious to the point that she >couldn't suck on a
straw and wouldn't open her mouth for anyother tx a couple >of times of
course she wasn't that unconscious apparently either as sticking >her
with that big needle in her butt always make her move and pull the needle
>out so i would have to stick her again usually in the stomach where i
could >hold her still better. >thank god we haven't needed the glucagon
lately. of course you have to have >numbers under 300 or so to need the
glucagon. which i am happy to say i did >get one this am as she put her
pump in last nite of course that was after i >just spent $53 on lantus
and syringes that am. now i have to order pump >supplies as that was the
last tegaderm and cartridge she had and we are going >to be without ins i
bet for the next three months also. (lost my job due to >being too
depressed to go to work one day this week, but i got a new one >already
back at the hospital) >kathy
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