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[IPp] Re:going high after breakfast

In a message dated 9/13/2002 11:22:08 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> If I check Jacob 1 hour after a meal and/or an insulin dose and he is 
> high....he will stay high unless I correct.  Like, Jacob had nutrigrain 
> bites 
> for breakfast and 1 hour later he was 312 despite giving a 1:30 instead of 
> the usual 1:40.  I didn't correct because it had only been 1 hour.  2 1/2 
> hours later he was 317.  Today he was 268 (even though I gave a 1:25 bolus) 
> and I corrected and at his check this morning he was 130.  Does anyone else 
> experience anything like this?
> Shanna,  My Jake also goes high after a breakfast bolus even though his 
> wakeup bs check is usually perfect.  This just started about 2 months ago 
> and for the last 2 weeks I have been giving him eggs and bacon or sausage, 
> which is a 0 carb count and bolusing 2u for it and he still goes high 2 
> hours later!  I'm thinking maybe he is having Dawn Phen at 9:30 AM each 
> morning? or would a growth spurt only occur at a certain time of day? He 
> has always been on one set basal rate for 24hrs and bolusing 1u for every 
> 15grams of carb. I don't know whether to change the bkf bolus first or his 
> morning basal rate, but somethings got to give on the post bkf check. Does 
> anyone have any ideas? I'm convinced the parents on this list that deal w/ 
> kids and pumps daily know more to help than the endo's do sometimes!
       Also, if anyone in Louisiana is having trouble w/ the glucagon, room 
checks, or meal plans at school, our parish nurse( She has 12 schools) said 
that if a Dr writes orders for the child to be given a glucagon in a seizure 
situation until the ambulance arrives, the school must train 2 people  at 
school to give it or provide a nurse at that school. Same w/ the finger 
checjks and the cafeteria providing acceptable meals, just get the doctor to 
order it. When Jake went on the pump we were so excited that he could eat 
like everyone else and bolus for it, until we saw how many carbs the other 
kids were getting. Ex. Fri they had pizza, fries, corn, and cake w/ icing. 
And the nutritionist says that is healthy and balanced and the kids will eat 
it. Now, with dr orders they have to provide Jake w/ a meat serv, a green veg 
serv, a fruit, and a side salad each day. Also, he can have dessert, if he 
chooses to have what the others are having and bolus for it when he wants. He 
was gaining so much weight on the pump, and it has been hard for him to get 
it off that he wants to eat healthy now, no matter what the other kids are 
having. Again, if you have any ideas about his bkf bolus please post. Thanks, 
Trena (mom to Jake 11)
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