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[IPp] What kids can eat when asleep

<<<I have since found out that even passed out I can get her to drink a juice
box (at 28!)>>>>

I know the original string was about when your child has passed out from low
blood sugar, but the above phrase caught my attention.  Luke has not passed out
from low blood sugar (knock on a big piece of wood there) in the nearly 3 years
he's been diagnosed.  But from lows during the night, we found that even while
asleep, he can pretty easily take a juice box, 3 glucose tablets (broken in
half, with him rolled to his side to prevent choking), or spoonfuls of real
chocolate syrup.  

On the times that we catch him when he's around 80 during the night or needs a
snack after he comes back from a low, we give him a little chocolate milk to
keep him going - boy, does he suck down chocolate milk well!  I've found that I
can dissolve up to a tablespoon of chocolate syrup (real or s-free) in just 2
ounces of warm milk if needed - it makes for a super chocolate drink with a
real short drink time.  

Luke thinks it's pretty funny that even asleep his preference for chocolate
comes through.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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