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[IPp] Cross Posting

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am one of the Administrators for this list and one of my jobs is to take
care of posts that "bounce" due to non-membership on this list.   In the
past days there have been several "Cross Posts" that went to POP and also to
ChildrenWithDiabetes.   Members at CWD have replied to these Cross Posts and
that has caused me a great deal of work that is NOT necessary.  I am also
going to presume that one of the Administrators at CWD is dealing with the
same frustrations.  There is a very SIMPLE solution.  If you want to post
the same message to each list, just before sending it to POP, make a copy of
what you have written, then address a new mail to CWD and paste the message
into it.  Just 15 seconds of your time will save both Admins countless
minutes of their "volunteer" time.    If you have any questions about this,
write to   HELP@insulin-pumpers.org

Thank you,

George Lovelace
IP Admin on duty
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