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[IPp] Re: ATTN TriCare/Merck Medco users

We use Express Scripts and have had alot of problems with them in the past.
One time it took us over 6 weeks to get Tian her scripts.  The last couple
of time they have been o.k.  as a matter of fact I just got a shipment today
for a refill that I made last Fri. on line.  The insulin comes in packages
that have really cold water in them.  So, the first 3 or 4 times that we
used them we thought they stunk.  Lately they have been o.k.  seems better
when you do your refilling online.
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Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 3:27 PM
Subject: ATTN TriCare/Merck Medco users

> The TriCare beneficiaries on this list might be
> interested (and happy lol) to know this (taken from the
> Tricareonline site):
> "Mail Order Pharmacy contract awarded to Express
> Scripts, Inc.
> The Dept. of Defense, TRICARE Management Activity
> awarded Express Scripts Inc. of Maryland Heights, Mo. a
> contract to provide mail order pharmacy services for
> the TRICARE Program. It will begin on or about March 1,
> 2003. Like the NMOP, the TMOP provides another option
> for TRICARE -eligible beneficiaries."
> Read more about it here:
> http://www.tricare.osd.mil/newsreleases/2002/news0223.htm
> Merck Medco is the current provider of the NMOP (Nat'l
> Mail Order Pharmacy). The new name of the mail order
> pharmacy will be TriCare Mail Order Pharmacy (or TMOP).
> The contract for Express Scripts, Inc is for 5yrs.
> Express Scripts, Inc info:
> http://www.express-scripts.com/
> Anyone here use Express Scripts, Inc, and if so, how is
> their service? (Inquiring minds want to know!) :)
> --
> Take care, Kerri
> "I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of
> ordinary people leading ordinary lives, filled with
> love, compassion, forgiveness, and sacrifice." - Tracy
> Chapman [Heaven's Here on Earth, 1994]
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