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Re: [IPp] Re: Glucagon-How low before needed?

There isn't a bg at which they need one or not. Go by
how they are acting, not by numbers. My daughter seized
with numbers in the 50's both times (~56 and 54). I
believe her seizures were due to prolonged lows
overnight (both times she seized it was first thing in
the morning.)

Take care, Kerri
"I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of
ordinary people leading ordinary lives, filled with
love, compassion, forgiveness, and sacrifice." - Tracy
Chapman [Heaven's Here on Earth, 1994]

Sherry said:

How low usually is the BG before cakemate, etc. can't
be used ( they're
unconscious)?  My daughter has been as low as 28 and
still fully active with
no "apparent" cognitive difficulties, although I know
there must be hidden
ones-just the usual low symptoms.
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