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Re: [IPp] I just heard some news

Dear Shanna,

Thank you!  You have nailed it on the head.  Being nice to someone who
has given you a hard time in the past is a very personal choice.  I do
think that Jessy will benifit from me offering support and information to
him, even though he couldn't even show me the same decency when I sent
him information a long time ago that could have made Jessy's life a lot
easier had he taken the time to read what I sent instead of just blowing
the entire thing off and not listening.  I am not happy that he got
diabetes, but I am grateful that I think he may listen and understand a
little better now.  Maybe he will even be a little compasionate now.

I do appreciate EVERYONE'S opinions.  We all view the world in a
different light, and that is what makes us ALL special in our own ways. 
Sometimes we need a totally oppisite opinion of what we are thinking  in
order to see things from another's perspective.  Thank you for all of
your support.


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*doesn't* necessarily make you the better > > person. And if it's a
*fake* concern (I think the phrase "sickeningly > > sweet" > > has been
used), it really *doesn't* make you the better person. > > > >See I think
that she is being better for offering the help to a person in >need even
though they were mean and nasty to her. Sure she might not care if >he
really does take care of himself or not but that's not the point of it.
>She is offering him knowledge and support when he wouldn't do the same
for >her. If it makes him feel like crap for what he did to her then
maybe he >will get the point and be nice to the next person that comes
along. Of >course this is JMHO. > >Shanna
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