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[IPp] Re: A proactive, positive perspective

In a message dated 9/13/02 8:53:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Thank you so
> much Marie.  And you are right........being sickening sweet is not the
> higher road, but being genuine is.  Thanks.

    Just wanted to say that your reaction to Marie's comments show that you 
are "one class act". If these frustratingly obtuse educators could 
"learn a lesson" from those of us who have "been there/done that" instead of 
thinking their way is the ONLY way, everyone would have a lot more time to 
focus on SCHOOL concerns, instead of power struggles!!
    Also, this is something I posted yesterday to the general list, but since 
some moms only read PoP, I thought it might be worth re-stating:
     > I have taken a new perspective on my health and well being.  The way I 
> look at is:  if I test often, I can catch problems before they get out 
> of hand.  

    BRAVO...that attitude is precisely what I "preach" to my daughter & to 
other families with whom I connect. I've adopted the mantra "MORE is LESS", 
trying to inculcate the notion that by doing what "appears" to be MORE ( i.e. 
checking frequently) my daughter actually winds up doing LESS ( i.e not 
having to deal with the consequences of an out of control bg that could have 
been "intercepted" & corrected before it got that high). The consequences of 
feeling so awful, not being able to think clearly, etc. are hopefully enough 
of a deterrent to her that she does take those few minutes to check her bgs 
   As for the "feeling guilty" theme, maybe this will help..it's something 
I'd written that is still on the JDRF website , using a "driving metaphor" 
for life with diabetes. <A HREF="http://www.jdf.org/kids/ideazone/2001/06/roadrules.html">JDRF Kids Online: Diabetes Road Rules</A>  
(http://www.jdf.org/kids/ideazone/2001/06/roadrules.html )
Renee (pump mom to Melissa dx'd 9/16/92 at age 9)
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