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Re: [IPp] Re: My Glucagon Issue

Dear Barbara,

Your story is scary (yet funny).  Chocholate icing, huh?  I dread the day
that I have to go through something like that with Jessy.  We have been
VERY lucky so far, but then, she hasn't even been diagnosed for a full
year yet.  Reading all of your scary stories, is hopefully preparing me
for what may come.  I am so frightened that I will panick and not be able
to function well.  God, I hate this disease.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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> >In a message dated 9/12/2002 7:04:55 PM Central Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes: > > > > The dosing is as follows: > >
.3cc for a child less than 6yrs old (.3cc = 3/10cc > > syringe = 30u) > >
.5cc for a child 6-18yrs old (.5cc = 1/2cc syringe = > > 50u) > > 1cc for
an adult over 18yrs old (1cc = 100u) > > > >We use the Lilly Glucagon. It
says: > >Adult Dose: 1mg. (1unit) ------- entire dose >Child Dose for
children weighing less than 44lbs: 0.5mg (1/2unit) > >When he was little,
we could usually bring him around with the child dose, >but a few times,
we had to administer the other half dose when he wouldnt >pull out or
started seizing or twitching again 5-15 min after first dose. > >Since
he's been on the full dose, there have only been 2 occasions >where we
had to do two full adult doses to totally bring him back. > >And then
there was the time he when he was 3 1/2 and had a severe >reaction after
hopping in my shower with me. His older sisters brought >in the tubes of
choc icing we used, but he was too far gone too fast >and we were soon
both wearing icing! Did a naked/choc covered >dash for my bedroom and no
sooner had him on the bed than he seized. > >Gave him 1/2 mg of glucagon
the second he stopped and wiped off >the choc off each of us during the
next 5 minutes. Couldn't get him >to wake up, so I called 911. As we
talked he started a 2nd seizure. >They had me give the 2nd injection as
soon as he stopped, but he >still wasn't coming out of it. They'd already
dispatched an ambulance. >I was pulling on shorts as we talked and almost
got my T-shirt over my >head as 3 paramedics walked in my bedroom!!!!
They gave him 2 >more full injections before loading us in the ambulance.
He was >out for a total of 60 minutes!! Scariest day of my life! And he
was >transported naked which he later thought was funny. But he was mad
>that he'd missed the entire ambulance ride. > >Sincerely, > >Barbara A.
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