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Re: [IPp] Re: My Glucagon Issue

In a message dated 9/12/2002 7:04:55 PM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> The dosing is as follows:
> .3cc for a child less than 6yrs old (.3cc = 3/10cc
> syringe = 30u)
> .5cc for a child 6-18yrs old (.5cc = 1/2cc syringe =
> 50u)
> 1cc for an adult over 18yrs old (1cc = 100u)

We use the Lilly Glucagon.   It says:

Adult Dose:    1mg. (1unit)  ------- entire dose
Child Dose for children weighing less than 44lbs:    0.5mg (1/2unit)

When he was little,  we could usually bring him around with the child dose,
but a few times, we had to administer the other half dose when he wouldnt
pull out or started seizing or twitching again 5-15 min after first dose.

Since he's been on the full dose,  there have only been 2 occasions
where we had to do two full adult doses to totally bring him back.

And then there was the time he when he was 3 1/2 and had a severe
reaction after hopping in my shower with me.    His older sisters brought
in the tubes of choc icing we used,  but he was too far gone too fast
and we were soon both wearing icing!     Did a naked/choc covered
dash for my bedroom  and no sooner had him on the bed than he seized.

Gave him 1/2 mg of glucagon the second he stopped and wiped off
the choc off each of us during the next 5 minutes.    Couldn't get him
to wake up, so I called 911.    As we talked he started a 2nd seizure.
They had me give the 2nd injection as soon as he stopped, but he
still wasn't coming out of it.   They'd already dispatched an ambulance.
I was pulling on shorts as we talked and almost got my T-shirt over my
head as 3 paramedics walked in my bedroom!!!!     They gave him 2
more full injections before loading us in the ambulance.    He was
out for a total of 60 minutes!!    Scariest day of my life!    And he was
transported naked which he later thought was funny.   But he was mad
that he'd missed the entire ambulance ride.


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Fenton, MO
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