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[IPp] My Glucagon Issue

A quick update on my Thursday meeting.  In a nutshell, we are back to
where we should have been at the beginning of all this.  We will start
with a 504 plan which includes glucagon injections by someone willing to
take the responsibility/training.  If any one of the 7 504 committee
members vote against the glucagon issue, it will not be allowed until we
go through a repeal process and everyone can agree on the plan.  Now, the
principal and superintendant are both supportive of allowing the
glucagon.  The nurse cannot accept responsibility to train anyone and
recommends against it from a professional viewpoint. The man in charge of
school policy was just the person to who "gathered the info" but was
leaning towards not allowing it.  He made it very clear that it was the
commitee's decision and not theirs or mine for that matter. 
I demonstrated the glucagon to them and told them that I had never asked
the school d! istrict for more than liberal restroom and phone
privleges.  I was now asking them to help my child in an emregency
situation.  The information gatherer told me that this did not fall under
the emergency first aid guidelines and gave several what ifs like: What
if the school couldn't find the glucagon, what if the keys to get into
the locked cabinet where all medication is kept were missing, what if the
person trained was so nervous that they couldn't remember how to do the
injection.  I pointed out that although I had been trained in CPR and it
fell under the emergency first aid section, what if I was so nervous that
I panicked and forgot how.  I hate what ifs.  He was even worried that by
writing call 911 in the 504 plan, that the school would forget to dial a
9 to get an outside line!  Geez, can I possibly take care of everything! 
I told them how I was forced to give shots to my child and that I would
never want to force that on anyone ! but I have several people willing to
learn and do this to save her if needed.  So....I could babble all day
but will start from square 1 and the 504 in place.  If no one disputes
it, I guess I have it made!  A friend with a D daughter has her 504
meeting today with the other school nurse and hers is progressing along
very well.  I hope I didn't open up a can of worms for her.  I was told
this morning that there is only one medical 504 in place in our
District.  I think it is just a new thing in this District and they are
intimidated by it.  Why does everything boil down to liability and legal
issues instead of the well being of our children. 

I didn't know that epi-pens can kill if given incorrectly...good point. 
The nurse also was told that a pen of this type would be out within one
year to adminster premixed glucagon.  If the person giving the shot was
intimidated by the size of the needle, couldn't it be given in a small

Sorry so long...but thanks for letting me vent.

Cheri McCurdy

 Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 11:58:04 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IPp] My glucagon issue

In a message dated 9/11/02 10:29:11 AM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> What I can't believe is that the nurse said it was okay to
> give injections for bee sting reactions and not insulin
> make that point in my meeting also! Cheri Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 1!

Ask her to show you the law...our former district tried this and were not
compliance with the law...it took a phone call to the director of the
board of nursing to confirm....silly really...glucagon can't *hurt*
anyone if
given at the wrong time but epi pens can kill if given incorrectly.....I
still suggest you ask, in writing for a 504 meeting to discuss this and
signed off as the law states.....it is not a matter of being ornery but
getting your child's rights in place....good luck and I am so blessed
that I
no longer have this battle.....
- -*******---*******
Beverly, Mom to Mary, NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping with Animas and Nick,
who is
now ten!


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