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Re: [IPp] I just heard some news

Dear Beverly,

My husband is such a strong believer in what comes around goes around. 
You are right, I am hoping that he will become an ally instead of the foe
that he has been.  Maybe now he will look at things in a new light and
offer to be more accomidating to Jessy (I am probobly hoping for too
much).  I bet right now he is thinking that I am some kind of witch and
cast a spell on him to give him diabetes (if I were that powerful, I
would be using it to rid the world of ALL diseases instead of giving them
out.....lol)  But I am sure that he is thinking of Jessy and me right
now, and probobly right away after he heard the news, too. 

Thank you Beverly.


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and information, or > > should I just let it go, he did ruin my entire
summer. > > > > Cindy > > > >I would call and make the
offer.....ignorance makes people stupid sometimes >plus you may gain an
ally or just make him feel badly for how he has treated >yoou....try the
high road and see what happens......and I want to hear...lol >Beverly
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