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Re: [IPp] I just heard some news

Dear Tammy,

You are probobly right, I really should leave this alone, but you just
don't know how badly I want him to know that I know, and to try to be the
better person.  It is just so ironic.  I wonder if he will be more
sympathetic now that he knows first hand what it is like to have to test
your sugars.  (I don't know yet whether he is controlling it with diet or
has to take insulin for it......my friend will find that out
later.....her main question at the time was if he had to go to the nurses
office to test his sugars!!!!!)

Thank you!


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> >In my wise, old jaded opinion - I'd let it go. He put you through HELL
- you could call and say "I told you so". But you won't because you're
too nice a person - that DOESN"T mean you have to call and offer support.
Doesn't he have a wife and family to do that? Not only was he NOT there
for you, he wouldn't cooperate with you and make your life any easier
even tho he was paid (through real estate property taxes you pay, I
assume) to do just that. As my wise old mother says - "the less said -
the better". Just my opinion. Tammy > >In a message dated Thu, 12 Sep
2002 11:48:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted writes: > > >
Dear All, > > > > Remember all the trouble I was having with the
superintendent at the > > school (better known as the stupidentendent?) I
just got a phone call > > from a friend of mine who works in the
cafeteria there and has always > > made his lunches, and he informed her
that he had to watch what he ate > > now because he just found out he has
diabetes. I wonder how long he has > > known and if maybe that is why, at
our 504 meeting, he stopped fighting > > me on the checking the blood
sugars in the classroom. Hey.....I wonder > > if he has to go to the
nurse to check his blood sugars, too! I truly > > feel bad for him, I
wouldn't wish diabetes on my worst enemy, I am hoping > > though that
maybe now he will be a little more compasionate to Jessy and > > her
struggles. Should I call him and offer support and > > information, or >
> should I just let it go, he did ruin my entire summer. > > > > Cindy
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