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Re: [IPp] I just heard some news

Dear Shanna,

I have called, under the guise of setting up our next meeting and an
update on Jessy's progress, but he wasn't in his office (I am biting at
the bit to see if he says anything about it to me.....my friend ask that
I wait a little while to bring it up for fear that she will be linked to
her telling me, she doesn't know whether it is a secret or not)  When he
does know that I am aware of his diabetes, I think I will take your
advice and be sickening sweet.......maybe that will work out in the long
run for Jessy's benifit.  I can't wait to tell Jessy, maybe it will make
her feel better, she has been so down in the dumps lately over having
diabetes.  This time last year, we still didn't know she had it, and so
much has changed since then.

Thanks for the advice!  I will use it.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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and information, or > > should I just let it go, he did ruin my entire
summer. > > > >I would call and be sickly nice to him. Make him feel like
an ass for what >he put you through. Maybe the next time around he will
think twice about >being such a jerk. > >Shanna
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