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[IPp] Maybe a solution soon

If any of you are still following our situation here is the latest.  
Yesterday, most of the nurses in the district went through formal pump 
training.  They all got to play with a working pump, give boluses, disconnect 
the pump, that kind of stuff.  The guy that I am having so much trouble with 
did not attend (I asked if he had some other place that he had to be and 
every one told me no).  Also the health aid attended the training.  Now we 
are waiting again.  The nurses want to give it 2 weeks to see if the health 
aide can figure out the pump and get comfortable using it (with me still 
coming all the time).  Hopefully in those 2 weeks I can stop going at the 
morning and afternoon checks because Jacob hasn't been needing a bolus at 
those times.  We called off going to the school board meeting because they 
are at least trying to come to a solution now.  If at the end of the 2 weeks 
they haven't come to a solution then they better watch out.  Yesterday I got 
mad again though because the issue of glucagon came up.  There has never 
really been an issue of someone else giving glucagon.  In fact they were 
planning on training Jacob's teacher, the 4th grade teacher (504 plan 
coordinator for the school, has diabetes, is on the pump, as well as has a 
daughter with diabetes), and the health aid.  I told them that there should 
be NO ISSUE with glucagon because it can't hurt you but if you don't give it 
then you could kill the child.  Some nurse said that someone could hit a vein 
or something.  I told them that they would be injecting it either into a 
thigh or butt so I HIGHLY doubt that they would be hitting a vein and even it 
by some freak chance they did it is still better then the child dying.  It 
also should be protected under the good samaritan law.  Thanks again to all 
those that helped me out.  At the end of the 2 weeks I will let you all know 
what the situation is.

Mom to Jacob, 5, dx'd 3-2-99, pumping Animas 6-26-02, and Hunter, 2
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