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Re: [IPp] Going off the pump

Last summer we took a pump vacation.  The infusion set came out four times in 
one night, then, subsequently, it came out sporadically when Sarah became 
overheated and sweaty.  We might have figured out a solution, but she was 
reluctant to experiment while at sports camp.  So, she was on nph and humalog 
for at least three weeks.  I was nervous too, but it came right back.  Our 
endo said trying lantus might have been a good idea if our vacation were to 
be long term, as it has a longer half life than nph.  Because of a lot of 
physical activity, she was close to goal and her A1C actually dropped. It was 
not a bad experience at all.  She was willing to take food boosters for 
treats, etc.  
Don't worry - but, it does take a few days to get the amounts right. Then, 
the going should be good.
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