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[IPp] Going off the pump

Jon is going off the pump tomorrow morning.  We need to take a break
from his site irritation and the horrible infection that he has
developed.  He has been on antibiotics several times now for site
infections.  We're pretty sure what is happening is that he is so itchy
from the allergy (adhesive, preservative in the adhesive, the plastic
canula itself, we're not sure) and he scratches with his grubby little
five year old fingers and bacteria get in, hence, and infection.  We've
tried several different barrier creams, sprays, pastes (yuk), tapes
(have a few boxes of those) and he reacts to all of them.  We have a
referral to go to an allergist but no appointment yet.

I'm so afraid to start him back on NPH and NovoRapid.  I'm so out of
practice.  I know it will come back to me like nothing but it is still
so frightening somehow.  Anyway, that is what we're doing.  We really
need to give his belly a chance to heal.  There are almost no available
spaces left to put an infusion anyway.  We've had him on a daily dose of
clariton for itchy skin but it did nothing.  It was strictly a contact
thing.  We also are very suspicious that he was previously allergic to
the Lispro and that the Aspart is a bit better but it is still bad.
There is more than one thing going on here.

Wish me luck.  I'm really nervous about this.  Oh, and tell me something
here, the NPH covers lunch and pm snack, right??  I'm so green.....

Susan (who will likely laugh at this post in a few days....)
Julianna - 17, Danny - 16, Katrina - 12, Jonathan - 5 dx 08/00, pumping
from 03/02 - 09/02, Nicholas - 3
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