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Re: [IPp] My Glucagon Issue

Dear Cheri,

Good luck on Thursday!  Great job with the homework, make sure you bring
copies for all to see at your meeting, going prepared always throughs
them off, and how can they say no when you have proof looking at them
straight in the face!

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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also fighting a battle over the glucagon issue at our school. I >have
learned not to take no for an answer. Amelia's teacher, principal >and
school secretary were all willing to be trained to administer >glucagon
in an emergency situation. I have it in the 504 plan and it >just needed
to be reviewed by the nurse. The nurse had a meeting with >the teacher,
principal, secretary and decided it would be a liability to >the school
to administer the glucagon. She told me that the ambulance >response time
to Amelia's school is 3 minutes which I seriously doubt as >it is atleast
6 miles away from the ambulance base, with traffic and the >fact that
there is only one "team" on duty. The nurse said that a >epi-pen which is
used for bee sting reactions was okay because it was >pre-mixed. I was so
mad, stewed over it all weekend. Monday, I looked >up the District policy
on the internet and it reads totally opposite of >what the nurse is
telling ! us all. It says "employees can administer >first aid on school
property when conditions require without any >liability to either the
School District or the administering employee. >Also says medications
requiring other routes besides oral, topical or >inhalant will not be
given by school personnel except in emergency >situations." The nurse
offered to help in any way she could to get the >glucagon approved but I
think she needs to read and understand the >school's policy. I think it
important for the parents to push and follow >through! I have a meeting
with the nurse, principal and school >superintendent Thursday......will
let you know what happens! > >Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, 9, D 1-00, P
12-00 and Amanda, 15 > > > > > >[IMAGE]Cheri >
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