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Re: [IPp] Glucogon at School

Dear Beverly,

Our school always has a nurse.  If our regular nurse should be sick, then
they would have a substitute nurse to replace her.  Jessy just happens to
go to gym in the morning, and if, by chance the nurse were to leave her
post, she would bring the walkie talkie with her.  I am quite confident
with the nurse, she is young and fit, and more importantly, cares about
Jessy on a personal level (her daughter and my Jessy are friends.)

We are trying to get Jessy to do her snack bolus by herself in the
classroom without the nurses involvement because, that would be just one
more time she would need to go there unnecessarily.  She will always be
bolusing the same, so it is a no brainer.  The nurse seems to be OK with
it as long as there are no legal issues, which there aren't, so I am
pretty sure this will work out fine.  Once this acclimation period is
over, Jessy will only need to go to the nurse after lunch to bolus, when
she is over 180- to bolus,  when she is under 80 (after she eats
something, of course), and on gym days before and after gym so that she
can drop her stuff off in the nurses office and pick it back up, so she
will just test there, especially since the nurses office is right next to
the gym.  I can't wait until the 30 days are up.  Jessy can't either.

Thanks for being there, Beverly, and being concerned, it really does mean
so much to me that all the way from Texas, you are watching out for my
precious little peanut. 

Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (3)non diab. and Trevor
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>email @ redacted writes: > > > > Our school has the walkie talkies,
therefor I did not push the glucagon > > issue. My battle was mostly for
the testing in the classroom. We are > > trying to figure out now if
Jessy will be allowed to bolus for at least > > her snack (It will always
be a 15 carb snack, therefor she will always be > > bolusing 1.0, a no
brainer, and I think the nurse has realized just how > > ridiculous this
all is to make Jessy go to the her so often.) I really > > don't mind her
bolusing for lunch in the nurses office, Jessy does > > because she is
missing out on quality recess time, but we are trying to > > work it out
with the teacher's to let her go earlier to bolus, so she > > doesn't
have to miss out. > > > >Cindy, did you make sure there is always someone
around who can give >glucagon? even when the nurse is gone? Jess should
be able to bolus for snack >with the nurse....our nurse goes to Mary
except for lunch and Mary leaves a >little early to stop by her office
but Mary can start doing it in class >anytime she wishes....btw, our
school has 1200 and counting so she is very >busy and has another D
child...good luck! >Beverly >-*******---******* >Beverly, Mom to Mary,
NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping with Animas and Nick, who is >now ten! >http://www.parsonwhitestudios.com/>----------------------------------------------------------
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